Coming Soon!

Good morning,

It pleases me no end to be able to say that Closewatch Music Blog will be fully operational very soon. But what do I mean by “fully operational”?

I’ll be reviewing new music, basically. The main reason I have decided to create this blog is because I have enjoyed doing it so much for someone else, I’ve decided to take what I have learnt there and do it myself.

Please bear with me whilst I get to the point where I’m updating regularly. I’m in the middle of changing jobs AND moving flat, so it is a bit hectic for me. Some would say that it is not the ideal time to start a blog, but I’ve always been quite contrary. Though for the record, my name is not Mary!

So please, keep on coming back to read what I have written. I know I won’t be agreeing with everyone all of the time, but if I can at least promote new bands and encourage debate then I’ll be happy.

Thanks a lot, and I hope to have you along for the ride.



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