(Nothing Lasts) Forever – Sandra Kolstad

Nordic music has found its new elctro-pop princess in Sandra Kolstad, who is releasing her new album (Nothing Lasts) Forever on the 24th of this month.

A relative newcomer to these shores, her second album is composed of thirteen tracks, each of which blends dark electronic beats to an unrepentant disco vibe. In particular it is The Young (Evil) Woman And The Ocean, the third track on the album, that strikes the ears as the perfect introduction to Kolstad’s sound.

Do not think though for one second, that all Kolstad can produce is hard-hitting dark disco. She can’t. This, I think, is probably down to the fact that she is a classically trained pianist. Her ear is therefore tuned to a good…tune, for want of a better word.

Discovery (Every Part A Part Of The Picture) and Run Away (Where Are We), the two songs that follow immediately are softer, more melodic and bring the adrenaline levels down to a more manageable level!

The hardness reappears on the eighth track of the album, Do The Dive (Gravity Animals) which features Lost Son; it does mark a slight departure from the disco feel of the album by adding a dubstep vibe. Coupling her dreamy vocals with the rapped and male vocals from Lost Son it does feel like a cornerstone track.

The dark disco emerges once more straight away on Pure (And Punished). This is tempered by the next single to be released, Circles (Its Got Every Little Part Of Me Running In). I’d go so far as to say that this is as traditional a pop song as the album gets. It’s got a soaring chorus that will undoubtedly get the remix treatment for the clubs – but I’d wager that none will be able to better the original.

Even though they are classed as two separate tracks, Titanic I (Jeg Har Klokker Som Gaar Baklengs) and Titanic II (Oh How We Waited For This Moment) (the Titanic ensemble I suppose) close out (Nothing Lasts) Forever. The second half of the ensemble is a wistful, yearning track that has a minimally epic (is that even possible? Yes!) sensation to it. As a closing track, the Titanic Ensemble is almost peerless.

I would highly recommend seeking out this album. If you want to have a listen to a song, then click below and enjoy!


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