Tall Ships – Everything Touching

Everything Touching by Tall Ships is absolutely stunning. I have no qualms about saying this. Straight from the off, emotion, complexity and sheer ability are present.

Opening track T=0 begins with an opening riff that fills you with an urgent energy, and also gets stuck in your head. You can’t start a debut album any other way. The rush of the opener carries on straight into the following song, an instrumental by the name of Best Ever.

The album takes a curve ball with Ode to Ancestors – Creationists beware! The band manages to avoid the usual love cliches in an innovative way – by taking inspiration from Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of the Species no less. The line that will get the religious brigade all up in arms is “You’re a triumph of natural selection/Every mutation leading to your perfection”. Never has evolution been so heartfelt and warming!

Following on from this is a good ole stomp in Gallop, which starts at breakneck speed – the beat really does feel like you are on a horse riding across the plains.

Murmurations, the closing track, showcases the confidence of the band. Starting with a drum machine beat, a simple and delicate riff picks up. As the intro progresses the layers add up to create a head bopping crescendo. The main lyric makes you want to hold your arms aloft with your head tilted back, signing to the heavens. It really is powerful stuff.

Tall Ships should be an immediate addition to your collection. Hunt it down at all costs.

Everything Touching is out now.
Everything Touching


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