The Cellophane Flowers – Staring at The World

Staring At The World, the debut album from The Cellophane Flowers, is a worthy effort

These days having a girl (female? Venusian?) fronting a guitar-based band is not the norm. The only one of any note I can think of is Siouxsie and the Banshees. Which is apt considering The Cellophane Flowers cite them as one of their influences.

This is not immediately evident on opening track Voices. The sweet sounding indie jangly guitar from Ian Sumner and slightly off kilter vocals, provided by lead singer Francesca Corradini, gives one the impression of a meaningful – though not “serious” – group. This all changes once you let the track progress. The whole band comes together in one fell swoop to bring some serious indie rock to the fore.

This seriousness continues into The Promise, which sounds like Steve Severin from The Banshees has made a guest appearance. Seeing as he isn’t, Luca Napolitano channels him effectively.

The Byrds also seem to be an influence, whether stated or not. As previously mentioned, jangly guitars are present throughout the album. Tracks such as Belinda, before that too shows that they can bring a level of seriousness to proceedings, makes use of light touches that put a smile on your face.

The album closes with Lucky Day, a lovely soft ballad, which is followed by In a Hole, a track short of two minutes. What it lacks in time, it makes up in emotion. Sparely instrumented, beautifully sung and a perfect way to close an album.

Staring At The World is released digitally and can be bought on iTunes or on Amazon.


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