Pulled Apart By Horses – Tough Love (Deluxe Edition)

Tough Love is the second album from Pulled Apart by Horses.

With a name that conjures up images of violence, ferocious energy is supplied by the cart load.

Hailing from Leeds, the quartet of Tom Hudson, James Brown (no, not that one), Lee Vincent and Robert Lee (no, not that one either, football fans) have re-released Tough Love on the back of quite an amazing year. When originally released Tough Love garnered great reviews across the board. And it is easy to see why.

Opening track V.E.N.O.M., which was the lead single also prior to the album’s original release, eschews the opinion that anything rocky from these shores has to be commercially sounding to be classed as good – Think LostProphets and their fall from grace. A driving bass line coupled along with thumping drums propels the track along. Even the middle 8, which is slower, is no less thunderous.

The following single is also the following track – Wolf Hand continuous the unrelenting assault on the auditory sense. It leaves you battered, bruised (When I was a kid I was a dick being the opening line) but not exhausted.

It is my opinion that when you put this album on for the first time you can’t turn it off. I know I sometimes bang on about the state of the UK music scene (Cowell is the devil incarnate, etc); and there is something about this deluxe edition re-release that doesn’t sit quite right with me. Lana Del Rey and Emeli Sande, to name two, have both released deluxe editions just in time for Christmas – and the cynic in me doesn’t like it.

The difference between them and PABH is profile; LDR has it, Emeli Sande has it, PABH don’t. And I can see and understand why the band had put out this expanded version. They have had a good year, a great year in fact and they want to carry on the momentum. Which seems a god place to go back to the music!

The deluxe edition of Tough Love comprises a second disc to go along with the actual album. Entitled “Welcome to the Tough Love Sessions” it contains covers, b-sides, outtakes and live takes, the highlight being Blue Jeans (a cover of Lana Del Rey) – a rather different take on the original.

Going back to the original album, Epic Myth and Give Me a Reason showcase the PABY power and agression.

If I were you, I’d investigate immediately. Pulled Apart By Horses are a beacon in the UK rock scene, and should be given your time.

Tough Love – Deluxe Edition was released last Monday on Transgression Records.


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