Pascal Pinon – Twosomeness

Folk music shouldnt be this alluring. Really, it shouldnt. And this is perhaps the main reason why I like Twosomeness by Pascal Pinon.

As with a fair bit of the music I get sent, it comes from the shores of Scandinavia and I could quite happily see myself standing at a window looking out over a pine forest at night, the Northern Lights above in the sky. In fact, this could actually happen once my honeymoon is booked!

Anyway, Pascal Pinon are 18 year old Icelandic twins Jófríður and Ásthildur, and Twosomeness is their second album.

Opening track Ekki Vanmeta, sang in the twins’ native language, sounds like a lo-fi fairy tale – think The Brothers Grimm mixed with an 8 track bedroom composition.

Þerney (One Thing), the second track, is the first English language track. But to me, this doesnt seem to matter one jot whether I can understand the lyric or not. The singing is enough to transport you to a warm, snug and cuddly place. The guitars and pianos are wondergfully layered with the vocals, and this helps to create a dream world where everything is ok.

Listening to the album oyou’d be forgiven for thinking that it has been made by people older than their eighteen years. The music shows wonderful maturity and complexity that you think shouldn’t be possible from such tender years.

When I Can’t Sleep is a lovely song about, as far as I can gather, how young lovers think about each other when they aren’t together at night.

Perhaps the highlight of the album is the ninth track, Bloom. Exquisitely composed, the lingering lightness of the music, together with the enthralling vocals creates a pefect moment of wistfulness (I know that reads bad, but bear with me) that leads to contentment – again, keeping with the overall theme of the album that everything will be ok.

If this description doesnt move you to go out and get this, then click here. This is a performance from last year in Iceland. Watch it, listen to it, then go out and get the album.

It’s that simple, it really is.

Twosomeness came out on the 20th January, and real life has stopped me from saying so. It was released on Morr Music.


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