Dropout Dan – Forever, Instead

Dropout Dan released Forever, Instead on Valentine’s Day, and I must apologise for not reviewing this until now.

An acoustic 5 track EP, it is the latest release for the singer-songwriter. Opening track Oh, Little Red sets the tone of heartache, the telling of stories and of a growing maturity.

Puppy Fat, the second track is an intense study of loss and at 3:17 long, the perfect length to impress upon the listener that the emotions expressed are real.

He states that

“I’ve tried to steer away from the songs and stereotypes that tend to please my friends, family and loved ones. I came into this process with an open mind and wanted to write songs from my heart and about my surroundings at the time. This EP is a collection of just that and I couldn’t be more proud of what it’s turned into.”

Track 4, Sentimental, is perhaps the strongest on the EP, vocally, lyrically and musically. It storms along almost as a duet between two disparate facets of Daniel O’Dell.

I’ll admit that upon first listening my first thoughts were “emo-lite”. These were incredibly unkind, and I am glad that I gave Dropout Dan the chance to grow on me. If you do too, then like me you’ll be looking forwards to full size release.


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