Itch – Manifesto Pt. 2: We’re All In The Gutter

Itch is an angry man; this is his Manifesto.

Dubstep infused punk hip-hop is the mandate here, and Itch delivers it with the force, power and belief that the legislature in Britain wishes it has.

The second instalment of his Manifesto collection of EP’s starts off with Diplomat, the video of which can be seen below.

Whilst not aware of his previous body of work (thanks Wikipedia), the lyrical content does appear to be a continuation of this – highly literate (well, how many artists out there squeeze in the definition of a contradiction, and then tell you about it?) and politicised.

Like I’m Drugs is perhaps the weakest track here; it is a tick-all-the-boxes effort that is designed for airplay alone and does nothing for the rest of the EP.

The final song, Gutter Stars features spitting invective backed with a rap infused guitar led backing track that feels more like what Itch be doing.

I’ll gladly and happily admit that the music that Itch makes isn’t exactly my norm – but I’d place a bit of money on him being big. Being signed to Red Bull Records won’t harm him. Signing for Red Bull did Sebastian Vettel no bad!


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