The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow

The Black Angels channel both the blues and psychedelia in their fourth album to such devastating effect it’s easy to wonder if they have carried on the age-old tradition of selling their souls to the devil at the Mississippi Delta crossroad. Or taken a boat load of drugs. Or, in the pursuit of perfecting their art – both?

Indigo Meadow begins with the title track, which is as dark and groovy as the year has got so far. The bass and drums drive the song along with the organ playing what appears to be one note throughout the verse. It doesn’t drone, but buzzes in your head with malevolent intent.

This is then followed by Evil Things, which had a Soundcloud link released at the time of the album’s announcment. The track can be listened to here:

Tracks such as The Day are examples of the bands’ more psychedelic side; the light, the moon and the stars are referenced, whilst the breakdown which leads to the end of the song makes you think of kaleidoscopic fractals.

Talking of which, I Hear Colours (Chromaesthesia) is as 60s LSD influenced as you can get; it is on this track where the organ utilised so sparingly, but effectively beforehand becomes the main instrument. Swirling around that are the electronic effects that help transport you back to a hippy commune.

The final song, Black isn’t Black is a surprising end. It starts off more as a bluesy ballad than anything else found on the album. No real riff to speak of, little licks of guitar throughout adding to atmosphere..and then BANG! Enter the repetitive riffage that burns a whole into your being, that finishes with about as evil and dark a fadeout I’ve ever come across.

Before I’d written the review I’d whacked a couple of songs onto 5 stars so that they’d be on my phone. The rest of the album has joined them.

When Indigo Meadow is released on the 2th April on Blue Horizon make sure that you’re one of the first in line to enjoy this album.


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