Rough Days For Diamond Trade – Somehow (EP)

From the shores of Denmark comes Rough Days for Diamond Trade, the musical project of film-maker Frederik Sølberg. Confused? Don’t be.

Somehow is the debut release of RDFDT, and it is a collection of four gothically tinged synth pop songs. The collection owes a lot to the early 1980s in terms of sound. Each of the four songs presented here is propelled forwards by synthesised chords, synthesised drumbeats, synthesised pops and beeps, with beautifully layered “live” instrumentation on top.

The eponymous final track of the EP is perhaps the darkest of the four; just over four and a half minutes of Sølberg seemingly getting to grips with his own darkest recesses.

All in all it is a bit of a hard listen at first; but if you give it time, you’ll realise that RDFDT shouldn’t be treated as a side-project. It should be classed as a fully fledged entity.


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