Telekinesis – Dormarion

Telekinesis, the moniker of Michael Benjamin Lerner, releases his third album Dormarion this Friday, and if you don’t buy it you’ll be missing out on 12 slices of indie brilliance.

Dormarion is a familiar, warm and engaging album. Opening track Power Lines is four minutes of your life well spent tapping your foot along to. Indie has not felt or sounded so effervescent in what seems like a lifetime. And this is from one song!

The indie-fest continues with Empathetic People until Ghosts and Creatures – the most surprising track on the album I’d say. It begins with a repetitive piano riff set against electronics and Lerner’s best vocal performance. It is a mix of vulnerable yet strong, old but young.

The guitars return with Wires which, after the unexpectedly welcome downturn in tempo, returns the energy back to its fizzing best. Symphony is a more folksy effort that is just Lerner, an acoustic guitar and love. What more could you ask for?

The quality of the songs is incredibly high throughout, and credit must go to Lerner’s internal editor. Only the opener and Ghosts and Creatures are longer than four minutes. At the same time, none of the songs feel like they are cut too short or unfinished.

You Take It Slowly is the closing song on the album and is as anthemic as anything that you’ve previously waved a cigarette lighter too.

All in all, Telekinesis has created a wonderful album here with Dormarion (incidentally named after the street it was made at) and is the best indie record of the year (so far). It will take something special to get rid of those brackets.

Dormarion by Telekinesis is released 5th April on Morr Records


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