Ruts DC – Rhythm Collision Volume 2

I’ve got to say I have no idea what makes a good reggae/dub album. When I first received this and stuck it on I was blown away. This isn’t punk, I said to myself. This is…something else!

So, to begin.

Rhythm Collision Volume 2 is a reggae disc from Ruts DC, who formed from the ashes of The Ruts. The Ruts were an early and influential punk band who merged the social commentary and energy of punk with the groove of reggae. Unlike The Clash and later groups such as PIL who “dabbled” and included songs on albums, Ruts DC made albums.

The twelve songs that make up RC2 are produced brilliantly. The bass, especially on Mix Up, is deep and full. You can tell that, as well as wanting to sound good, Ruts DC actually enjoy playing, and love what they are playing. Why else would there be such groove?

Elements of ska and dub are inevitably found. One Step is one such example. If you found yourself in a club when this game on your be a hard hearted person not to get up and slowly skank away.

Another feature of the album is the collaborations found on all bar one of the songs. Aynzli Jones, Tenor Fly, Segs and Jessica McIntyre all contribute their many and varied talents to the album.

When they made RC1 back in the 1980s they made that with a soon to be famous bloke whose Nome de plume was The Mad Professor. This time round, they have enlisted the help of Prince Fatty.

Unfortunately I’ve run out of things to say. Annoyingly my ignorance of reggae and dub has caught up with me. However I do like this. It’s groovy, it’s different and it’s worth a stab in the dark. Buy it, and then if you like it you can catch them on tour:

25th Southampton The Brook
26th Butlins, Minehead Great British Alternative Festival Weekender
10th London The Underworld
17th Cardiff The Globe
18th Derbyshire Bearded Theory Festival
25th Penzance, Cornwall 3 Chord Festival
6th Preston 53 Degrees
7th Newcastle North East Calling Festival

Rhythm Collision Volume 2 by Ruts DC is released on May 13th on Sosumi Records


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