The Nankeens – Autonomy

When it comes to indie, generally speaking at least, it doesn’t matter if you come from the right side (that is, the City of Manchester) or the wrong side (that is, the City of Salford) of the Irwell. The Nankeens come from the wrong side of the Irwell, but hold that against them at your peril.

Forming from two separate bands, Adam Darby (vocals and rhythm guitar), Simon Darby (drums), Mark Barlow (bass) and Adam Tattersall came together to form The Nankeens. Since then they have formed a loyal fan base and have begun knocking on the doors of larger venues in and around Manchester.

Their EP Autonomy, available for free or from any of their gigs, is a five track insight into what makes a 21st Century Mancunian band tick. Of course there are hints of Manchester-past, but also of Manchester-future.

Opening track I’m Not Playing is a melodic and confident song. It’s the sound of a band knowing that they are good, and are not afraid of letting you know. Darby’s vocals hook you as soon as words come out of his mouth, and you’re reeled in by the interplaying guitars.

Here We Go follows, and is softer in approach – but passion is present by the bucket load. Breakups always lead to emotional songs, and the pain has been harvested to great effect.

The EP closes with the brilliantly titled Ukulele Song. To quote a well-known DIY company, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s inclusion shows that The Nankeens are not afraid to play it differently – and that is to be commended. Nobody wants to hear the “same old, same old” day in, day out.

If I were you I’d hunt down The Nankeen’s Soundcloud account where you can download Autonomy from. Following that, I’d go and see them live. I know I will.


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