White Hills – Abstractions & Mutations

White Hills originally released Abstractions & Mutations on tour in 2007, and they are doing the same again this year.

Available on vinyl from anywhere on their tour, which began on the 3rd April, Abstractions & Mutations is a cosmic journey through Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix. The album starts with a spoken word intro sampled from Vic Bondi’s contribution to the anti-Ronald Reagan film American Hardcore, fittingly titled Midnight in America.

The band, which comprises Dave W. and Ego Sensation then launches in to Eye to Eye which begins as a ferocious heavy metal head banger which, halfway through, transforms completely into a psychedelic space prog-rock number. Going back to Jimi Hendrix, this is what you’d kind of expect from him if you put him in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Kennedy. It ends with vocals being split between the left and right channels; normally this wouldn’t cause terror, but this time White Hills do. The lyrics are almost the same. The discordance created here seeps into your brain, with paranoia not too far away.

The prog continues with the chilled out licks of Caustic Bliss, complemented by electronic sound effects and a lullaby-esque bass line which lulls you into a blissful state.

Following the brief interlude of Entitled #2, the opus of the album is unleashed upon your ears in all its’ glory. Left Behind is fifteen minutes of space rock brilliance (a video can be found here. Not at all does it feel like it’s such a long track. The drumming is hypnotic, the guitars are enticing, and all you want to don is float away on the sensations it helps to form in your mind.

If you can get a copy of this, please do so. And if you can, go see them on the remaining dates of their tour:

8th April The Brudenell Leeds
9th April The Musician Leicester
10th April The Cluny Newcastle-upon-Tyne
11th April The Continental Preston
12th April Soup Kitchen Cafe Manchester
13th April Blade Factory @ Camp and Furnace Liverpool
14th April Hare & Hounds Birmingham
15th April The Green Door Store Brighton
16th April The Croft Bristol
17th April Cargo London

Abstractions & Mutations by White Hills is available on their tour dates, on MP3 and on vinyl from Thrill Jockey Recprds.


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