Light Parades – Through All Times

Light Parades may have slipped under my radar a little bit, but I’m making sure that I rectify this. Back in March they released their debut album Through All Times. It’s a wonderful example of heart string tugging indie pop.

The Grandest of Gestures sets the tone of the album; piano led, melancholic touches, heartfelt vocals. Daniel Hopkinson, Ollie Pearce, Stephen Hopkinson and Jakub Tucholski make up Light Parades and the way that they play suggests that they have been together longer than two years, having got together in 2011.

Don’t mistake these guys for being in any way similar to The Fray or The Script. The production on the album is perfect. It’s perfectly acceptable for bands to have pop sensibilities but not acceptable for the production teams to smother songs with pop. What this quartet have done is made sure that the production is not poppy. It’s understated, which suits the tempo and feel of the songs brilliantly.

Adolesence is a perfect example of this. You can hear for yourself below, whilst watching the video for it:

Bring The Light Brigade, Let It Breath and closing track Don’t Let Go are the other highlights of an emotive listen.

You can also catch up with them on their tour, which has a few dates left:

• 26.04.13 @ The Brunswick, Brighton

• 01.05.13 @ The Moon Club, Cardiff

• 03.05.13 @ Night and Day, Manchester

• 04.05.13 @ Glad Cafe, Glasgow

I’d get hold of the album, get hold of some tickets and get myself down to the venue.

Through All Times, the debut album from Light Parades, was released on 25th March on Rainbow Box Music – their own label.


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