Beady Eye – Flick of the Finger

In time for the summer Beady Eye have released the video for Flick of the Finger, which is the first confirmed track off their new album BE.

The first thing that hits you is the pounding drum beat which persists and drives the song forward; the second is “eh?”. There is a sample here, a reading of Jean-Paul Marat, a scientist, philosopher, pragmatist and journalist who campaigned for the poor during the French Revolution. The reading itself is done by Kayvan Novak, and the quote (whilst originally Marat’s) is taken from the autobiography of Tariq Ali.

When I first heard the title of the song, I thought “typical Liam”. But I was wrong. Having researched the sample, and one considers the times we live in, Liam Gallagher is making a subtle political point. Whodathunkit?

There is also no chorus as such, and I think this is because Noel is no longer around. Liam, Andy Bell and Gem Archer have space to breath, and this is the result. A brave new musical world that allows Liam Gallagher the chance to step out of the shadow of his brother, Oasis in general, and John Lennon and The Beatles. It feels like a massive step forward. Even his voice, perhaps the easiest thing to attack Gallagher about as a musician, is as strong as vibrant as it has been for years. He seems rested, and importantly at ease with himself. Chris Sharrock is as solid and dependable as ever, and at the time of writing it is probably too early to assess the input of Jay Mehler – the recent addition from Kasabian.

Musically speaking, FOTF is superb. It’s a good old rock’n’roll stomper. The addition of trumpets is a brave step, and they compliment the guitars brilliantly – the guitars themselves have a wonderfully understated blues feel to them. It’s got a swagger to it that’s ridiculously infectious. For us Mancs, it’s a song to walk down the street to, pulling our best monkey walks and not giving a flying whatsit to what other people think.

And if they say anything? They’ll get a Flick of the Finger.


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