Dingus Khan – Support Mistley Swans, Digital Reissue

When sixteen legs-worth of musicians get together you can expect something raucous. Dingus Khan comprises eight members, three of which play bass, three of which provide percussive drive, an electric ukulele and a singing guitarist. Read that again. Now let your breath out. They out Fall The Fall!

When originally released in October, it led to a tour and – unsurprisingly – opening for Mark E. Smith’s bunch.

Now, in order to keep their unrelenting record based momentum continuing, Support Mistley Swans is getting a digital release on the 9th May. Therefore, if you missed it the first time round make sure you don’t this time around.

It’s quite hard to categorise the music that Dingus Khan make, and I’m sure that this is a deliberate decision. The opening track, My Body starts off rather quite and then all of a sudden you are assaulted by a sonic tsunami. It’s heavy, yet with kind off folky – at least the progression of the notes is. The heaviness is continued in Mad as Hell; the riff is one of the head baggingest I’ve heard for a while. The riff is central in keeping the song going, until in the middle 8 (to coin a phrase) it transforms into something else – a quirky alt-pop sway-along.

In every song there seems to be at least 27 million ideas all on the go at once; whilst it is crowded it never seems an oppressive kind of crowd. Recent single Knifey Spoony is a prime example. The alt-pop makes another appearance as does a chorus which seems to be in a slightly different time to the rest of the song. The three basses make a massive imprint in your ears, but the single string riff in the verses is never outshone, so you’ll end up whistling it all day. You’ll also see some white birds.

The surprises keep on coming thick and fast; closing song Ambulance is very much a Fall inspired number in my eyes/ears. The opening riff is very Hex Enduction Hour; the band all makes a vocal appearance at the end. Calling for an ambulance has never seemed so important, heartfelt and earnest.

If you like your music confusing, and like to keep on guessing then Support Mistley Swans is the album for you.

It is released on digitally on the 9th of May on Fierce Panda.


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