Lars and The Hands of Light – Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow

The Scandinavian Invasion continues at full pelt with Lars and The Hands of Light in the form of their second album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow.

The first thing to say is that BWCDT is a pop album of the highest order. Whilst it may only be nine songs in length, these nine songs are crafted in such a way that you’ll want more. In my opinion, this is the mark of a damn good album no matter how many songs are on it.

Opening track and single Time to Glow is a catchy hook driven beaut of a song. You want to dance around your living room playing it at full blast; the guitar takes you up to the heavens, and Lars Vognstrup’s vocals are stunning.

Talking of stunning, the production throughout is that. In fact, it’s the production which makes the album a gem. How Much We Feel has the feel of a sixties ballad, and you can’t help but fall in love with it. Herd starts very much back to basics, with a lightly picked guitar, a light covering of electronic effects and simple percussion, and then slowly but surely the percussion becomes a prominent driving force behind the song. In fact, it does remind me a lot of The Dears lighter moments, which is no bad thing.

Shiny Bright Star has “single” written all over it. Sweet female vocals provided by Lars’ sister Line during the verses add a new dimension to the album. The effects shimmer throughout, and the bass is a joy to behold.

End of Summer is a single, and is the slowest and most down-tempo song here. Again, the production shines, and Lars’ vocals show a dexterity that puts most popular singers in the charts today to shame.

I’ll admit that by default Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is on my iPhone by default, as I have a playlist called Scandinavian, which all music from there goes on to. However, if I hadn’t have had that idea, it would be going onto my phone once this review is published. If you don’t do that kind of thing, buy it and you’ll wish you do what I do!

Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow by Lars and The Hands Of Light is released on the 6th of May on Crunchy Frog Records


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