Cayucas – Bigfoot

Sitting in the shade of the apartment I’m staying in Lanzarote, Bigfoot by Cayucas is a fitting, leisurely and summery album to be listening to.

Full of lightweight and fluffy songs, Bigfoot will put a smile on your face as it joins the sun, transporting you to a pool, a towel and liberal coverings of suncream.

Melodies play a huge part in the good feeling of Bigfoot, and Cayucas provide them in spades. At times they are very Beach Boys like, but without the added menace of a theremin.

Clapping, ooohing and ahhing, lead to a great deal of foot tapping and head swaying. It’s also a damn good pop album, with irresistible hooks and licks. The percussion is the most rhythmic you’ll hear all year, I’d wager. Deep Sea is the prime example of this, the drumming placing you on a boat with waves lapping against the hull. The whistling in the background is wonderfully dreamlike, and adds to the marine feel.

Bigfoot is the first feel good album of the summer, and if you’re lucky enough to have a barbecue this summer, then you should have this playing on your speakers outdoor, surrounded by your friends and enjoying good food.


2 responses to “Cayucas – Bigfoot

  1. I am excited for this album. I have been looking forward to it since I saw them open for Ra Ra Riot. But I have to say I HATE their name. Despite the multiple times they said it, it just doesn’t stick haha

    Thanks for the review!


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