Folkvang – Folkvang

Before you start, no this is not the Belarusian metal band. This is something else entirely.

There is nothing dark, nothing metal about this Folkvang. Considering that this is a debut album, it doesn’t sound like one. It’s Swedish folk music.

Lovingly crafted, beautifully played and technically ace, you could certainly file this under “Lost Gem”.

Folkvangs första is one of the highlights of this collection.

I like this album a lot, but for once I can’t seem to find the words to write a long, detailed review. I know you’ll like this though. Please find it, and you’ll not regret it. You can play it driving in your car, you can play it whilst relaxing with a cup of coffee, you can play it whilst reading your favourite book and it will help you get lost in its world.


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