RT-Zed – Zed Hed

I don’t like giving bad reviews. In fact I try to avoid it. I suppose some people thrive on saying that albums, songs, singles and/or videos are crap (in their “opinion”) to generate interest in their blogs. Or just to generally be a knob and cause grief for the fun of it. I’m not one of those people.

RT-Zed is the side project of Steve Grantley, drummer of Northern Irish punks Stiff Little Fingers. Aided by Jonesy (who plays on the album), Simon Turner and Ultra Violet (touring band members, RT-Zed have released their third album Zed Hed.

Unfortunately I find it an uninspired effort.

It feels overcooked and generic. You Are Free, the first proper song on the album, feels like a bog standard rant at the government. Pretty Ugly is standard “oh you might look nice but you’re not a nice person” fare. This theme is continued a couple of songs down the line in She Was Bad, which at least sounds different.

I also think that Grantley’s vocals are not his strong point. They don’t deviate, there is no emotion that I can discern, and when he tries to emphasise it just sounds like shouting.

Fans of rock-by-numbers won’t be disappointed by Zed Hed. Those who want something that at least has something a little different to their music will, I think, find it a poor addition to their collections.

The last words on the album are “Who gives a fuck, anyway?”. These may come back to haunt.

Zed Hed by RT-Zed was released on May 1st on Hypermania Music.


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