Icky Blossoms – Icky Blossoms

Sleazy pop with dance undertones spliced with swathes of indie goes some way to describe the eponymous debut album from Icky Blossoms.

Hailing from Omaha, Sarah Bohling, Derek Pressnal and Nik Fackler make up the trio. Signed to Saddle Creek, the album is due to hit the shores of the UK at the start of July.

Should you pick up the album the first thing that hits you is the ear for a song that they have. Heat Lightning is the opening track and straight away your foot is tapping away. Bohling’s vocals are a combination of dreamy smoothness and desire. Mainly electronic, the guitars provided by Pressnal add a new dimension which elevate it above anything else at present.

By the time you get to Sex to the Devil, the desire becomes something darker, more primal. Not that I’m a purveyor of such things, but this has “Club Classic” written all over it. The spoken vocals which open the lyrical portion draw you in to the darker underbelly of music, sex and religion. It’s by far and away my favourite track of the album. I might be alone in thinking this, but there are touches of Madonna at her peak here. Musically, it is repetitive but not dull; the rhythm is ceaseless, hypnotic even.

It doesn’t matte the tempo of the song; the electronic hypnotism continues in such songs as Stark Weather and Babes. It’s a glorious collection of eclectic electronica that opens up parts of your psyche you visit only periodically.

Icky Blossoms’ self-titled album is due for release on the 8th July in the UK on Saddle Creek records.


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