Spectrals – Sob Story

Spectrals have released their second album Sob Story, and it is an eclectic pop collection that shows maturity greater than you’d expect from album number two.

The man behind Spectrals is Louis Jones, a native of the Wrong Side of The Pennines. To us Mancs, that means Yorkshire. He certainly doesn’t sound like he comes from those parts. The first thing that hits you about his voice is his twang – there’s no other way to describe it really. It’s clear, strong and accented in a weird yet wonderful way.

The opening song Let Me Cave In showcases the emotion and power that lies behind it. Musically speaking the album is full of lovely jangling guitars mixed with floaty drumming and a rhythmic bass. Karaoke, the third track is perhaps the first example you get of how Jones is able to bring these elements together into a catchy sing-along number. Pun intended? I’ll let you figure that one out.

The title track has been released as a single from the album and when you listen to it you can understand why. The longest track here by far, it’s a slow warbling country-tinged (hear those slide guitars lift you up and soar) ballad. Jones’s lyrics fit majestically with the music.

Milky Way starts off with a footballing terrace drum beat, and Limousine is one of the more heavier efforts here; once more the jangling guitars take centre stage before more rocky riffing starts during the verses. Keep Your Magic Out of My House is a bluesy stomper of a song.

What’s evident here is a musician who is enjoying what he is doing, which is taking influences from all over the musical spectrum and mixing them all up and making something fun. Louis Jones is also a talented artist and lyricist who can only go from strenght to strength.

Sob Story by Spectrals was released on Wichita Recordings on the 3rd June.


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