The Fallows – Run Like a Dog

I don’t know if I like this. It’s got a lovely chorus, some really nice vocals – but it has a banjo. Banjos have had quite a bad rap recently because of Mumford. To be honest, because of them I slightly cringe when The Hitchhiker’s Guide comes on. They’ve single handedly ruined Hitchhiker’s. That’s enough to condemn them to at least hell.

But The Fallows may be on a quest to redeem the banjo and to reclaim it from the smarmy grasp of M&S. Somebody has to. I was not expecting it to come from Coventry!

Run Like a Dog is to be the first single from their second album, which is entitled Liars & Kings, and is released on the 7th of October. For fans of their previous work, it is not Ross Darby providing the vocals but Pete Rutherford whose efforts are really rather superb.

The single itself is released on the 26th of August. And it is intrigue; not dislike. This single intrigues me.


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