Zaz – Eponymous Album

Zaz – who was born Isabelle Geffroy – doesn’t sing a single word of English on this, her debut UK album release.

It doesn’t matter a single bit.

Zaz is a collection of songs taken from her preceding two albums; her debut debut album (also called Zaz – don’t worry, the confusion doesn’t last that long) and her second album On Ira. The twelve songs collected here are pure pop par excellance. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

Opening track Je Veux found life as a single, and it is the perfect way to introduce Zaz to a new audience. It’s fun, has a wonderfully catchy melody, and a jazz beat to die for.

The sense and feel of fun is present throughout the album. It’s a joy to listen to twelve tracks of such poetry and humour, even if you can’t understand any of it! Comme Ci, Comme Ça is a wonderfully punchy jazz number that gets your feet tapping as soon as it begins.

The music itself is French jazz with gypsy, African, blues and Latin touches. It never gets old, nor does it ever get boring. It’s a highly listenable album. Even the more traditional sounding tracks, such as the ballady La Fée, leave you with a sense of enjoyment. You know that when you’re feeling good after listening to a song or an album, then the artist must have had a whale of a time making it, and that comes across here; the best examples of this are when Zaz imitates brass instruments. It’s a lovely human touch that just further adds to its, and her, appeal.

I’d highly recommend buying this collection when it is released. You’ll have hours of unadulterated enjoyment from it.

Zaz by Zaz is released by Dramatico on the 30th of September.


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