Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

Today, the 19th of August, sees the release of Shigeto’s latest album No Better Time Than Now. Hailing from Ann Arbor in Michigan, Zachary Shigeto Saginaw’s third release is a cornucopia of beats, loops, and many genre influences.

The constants throughout this album are: exquisitely crafted songs; soul; passion. The opening track of No Better Time Than Now, First Saturn Return is a chilled out number with electronic touches that really do make you think you are orbiting the gas giant. Taking influence from jazz and blues, it lifts you up and places you on a soft and comfy blanket that caresses you for the whole of the album. Detroit Part 1 and Ringleader I have already written about; suffice to say that the journey Shigeto takes you on continues.

Perfect Crime adds a hint of gloom. Minor key notes, a discordant drumbeat that is in a separate time of its own make this possible. The production is superb though. The drumbeat here makes Perfect Crime what it is – a tour de force of electronic music.

The following track Olivia is just over three minutes of ambient bliss. Whilst there is no real beat that you can discern, the swirling synths envelop you. You can imagine that this is how he feels in the presence of the said individual, whomever she may be.

The title track returns us to the disharmony previously heard on Perfect Crime. The droning at the start creates an atmosphere of foreboding disaster. This continues well into the song, and the crescendo that takes place near to two minutes in is replaced by a more upbeat and positive feel. Indeed, Shigeto is trying to get #nobettertimethannow to get trending on Twitter by asking his followers to send in pictures of things they have put off doing. It’s a laudable sentiment, and not bad PR either!

The album closes with Tell A Tale, which is reminiscent of DJ Shadow. In fact, I can quite happily imagine that if he were to pass on the torch he bears with great aplomb, then the person it should be passed on to is Shigeto.

NO Better Time Than Now is released today on Ghostly International.


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