Tusindfald – Kys EP

The great joy of Scandinavian music is its sheer variety. You’ve got the pop of Lars and the Hands of Light, the house inspired Retro Stefson and the shoegaze of Oyama.

You can now add the dreampop of Tusindfald.

Formed in Denmark by Jesper Lundager whilst he was still in education, he describes the music as both near and distant. Title track Kys is as dreamy as you can get. It evokes the harsh Danish coastline, yet still reminding you that in such harshness there is beauty to be found wherever you look.

It’s a wonderful set of songs, and the production is superb. Each note has the potential to take you away on a trip you’ll want to remember when you wake up. It swirls, it smothers, it caresses. I have nothing but hope that they’ll go from strength to strength.

The EP is available to download from iTunes as we speak; should you purchase the vinyl you’ll get an extra song, taking the total up to four tracks on the EP. The vinyl is on sale on the 23rd of September through Indelable.


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