King Khan & The Shrines – Idle No More

Six years. Six years since King Khan & The Shrines released an album. Idle No More is the end result of this hiatus in recording and releasing, and boy is it good.

Overall it is twelve tracks of psychedelia, horns, and effervescent energy designed to show you what good music is made of.

Opening track Born To Die kicks off proceedings in a Bond-like manner – I kid thee not. The opening notes are as James Bond as you get, even kicking out of the water the recent effort of Adele. From this introduction, the psychedelic touches of The Shrines combine with the dreamlike words of King Khan himself. The groove here is wonderful; it really does compel you to get off your seat and have a damn good dance!

The grooviness continues apace with the following track Bite My Tongue which has quite a stomp to it. Thorn In Her Pride is more relaxed than the first two tracks, but that is not to say that it’s reserved – not by any means. There is a refrain of bah-bahing that recurs intermittently and really is the hook on which the song is hung.

Things take a very 60’s turn on Luckiest Man with a guitar line that is taken from deepest darkest Beatles-pop. Organ touches add to the LSD feel here, and it’s a fun track to listen to.

Bad Boy is another fun track to listen to. If you had a convertible car, you’d have the roof down and this track blaring from your speakers as you drive down the main road.

Idle No More is a fun, nostalgic yet contemporary release from King Khan & The Shrines. I’m hoping that their next release is more timely than this!

Idle No More was released on the 2nd of September on Merge Records


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