Burning House – Walking Into A Burning House

When it comes to being musically eclectic, it would seem that the French seem to do a damn good job of it. It should come as no surprise then that a French record label, Naïve, should release the debut effort of Burning House, a colab between Chief Xcel (from Blackalicious) and Hervé Salters, who is also known as General Elektriks.

Entitled Walking Into A Burning House it is a rather diverse collection of songs, with a ridiculous amount of variation, styles and sounds. Take for instance Post Party Stress Disorder, a funky booty-shaker of a song destined to grace the soundsystem of many a club. This is then followed by Tokyo Airport, which combines hip-hop beats with some lush 70s soul. It’s an album that takes you on a grand tour of styles and genres; breathtaking and relaxing all in one go.

Frozen Conversations is the equivalent of a ballad, and the hip-hop feel returns with a vengeance on Whispers In Your Headphones. The really great thing here is the mix of these beats with singing. No rapping, and it all still sounds awesome.

If you want something to amaze and astound you, then Walking Into A Burning House is the album for you.


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