Kids In Glass Houses – Peace

Pop comes in many a guise. What Kids In Glass Houses have done is created a pop album with guitars. This is not a bad thing, but at times it is not a good thing either. I know I Tweeted a short while ago that I was liking the album – and that still stands. It’s just I wish it wasn’t soooooo poppy.

Opening track Peace has a key change that this year’s winner of the X-Factor would kill for. The production is so polished you could see your face in it, and some of the lyrics are a bit cringeworthy – “Who are all these V I People” is a corker

Musically, if it wasn’t for the production it would seem harder and, admittedly, more to my liking. But there are some highlights worth mentioning. Set My Body Free has a bit of a metal funky groove going on, Black Cloud has “anthem” written all over it, and Drive is in my opinion the best track on the album.

If only it wasn’t so polished, I’d have enjoyed it more.

Peace by Kids In Glass Houses is out now on Transmission Recordings


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