Black Lizard – Black Lizard

Continuing apace, the Scandinavian Invasion now has the psychedelic sounds of Black Lizard as its latest member. Hailing from Finland, and based in Helsinki, Black Lizard are releasing their self-titled album in the UK on the &th of October. Similar in style to Crystal Stilts, but with more of a harder edge to them, Black Lizard have crafted one hell of a strong début album.

Originally released in their homeland back in the first week of April, they have continued to wow their new audiences throughout the past twelve months, and I desperately want them to come to Manchester to show off their wares.

Opening track Honey Please is a slow burner of an affair, with reverb heavy guitars the main focus of attention. This then moves into Boundaries which provides the first lot of evidence you get of the psychedelia which pervades. Sitars, hypnotic percussion, a funky bass line and a strong hint of T-Rex in the chorus makes a damn good song.

On a slightly critical note, it is the slower, less edgy songs on the album that prove to be a bit of a disappointment. When they get going, they sound big, full-on and meaty. Songs such as Dead Light and Thrill sound a bit empty. Compared to such companions as New Kind of High (yes, I am aware that it is slow. But listen to it! It has meat on its bones and sounds like a fully formed song) and Fucking Up they sound light, and they don’t thrill.

Album closer is the aforementioned Fucking Up, which is five minutes of droning psychedelic rock that commands attention and demands that you tap your feet and nod your head in time. It’s a cracking track, and a damn good way to close the album.

I’ve had this album for a bit of a while now, and I can say that as a whole it will be moving on to my phone from my iPod. Listening to the songs individually though may lead to a slight disappointment.

Black Lizard’s eponymous début album is released on the 7th October on Solti


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