Dead Wolf Club – Healer EP

I’m not too proud to admit that the first time around, I missed this. I’m glad I went through my inbox and discovered the second email that came through.

Dead Wolf Club are a four-piece with members originating from London and Prague – Alwin, John, Martha and Serra – and together they make quite a decent racket.

Flood is the first track on the album. It kicks off with no introduction, just a proclamation – “Someone told me that I was the best” – and it is quite hard to dismiss anyone that gives themselves such a confident, nearly arrogant, stance.

But then, swirling staccato guitars and a beguiling tune emerge. There are hints of melody, of structure in Flood and it draws you in completely. It’s at times off-kilter, but then at other listens it seems perfectly naturally flowing. That it can change on each listen, yet remain cognizant as a song is actually rather impressive. Not everyone can pull that off.

The pace continues unabated with Melt, but with the jaggedness turned down one or two notches. In relation to the EP, it almost almost sounds softer and more restrained – not that you’d call it a ballad.

Metropolis is the penultimate track here. Again, compared the blast your senses take from Flood it’s pared down. More so than on the previous track, this actually highlights the fact that Dead Wolf Club can write a tune and do it solidly. They are consummate craftsmen/women/people.

The battering your ears took at the start is resumed with 17. Production wise it seems less professional than the preceding three tracks, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this turned out to be an earlier track. The quiet bits are quiet, and the loud bits are loud. But at no point is the tune lost. Unlike the youth the song refers to.

All in all I like Healer, and I like Dead Wolf Club. The EP was released on Big Tea Records on the 30th September on limited edition green and white vinyl to 300 copies. However, you can still download it. I’d get on it rapidly, if I were you.


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