Soviet Soviet – Fate

If you take one thing from this review which is not directly relevant to the subject matter it is this – SAVE YOUR WORK AS YOU GO ALONG.

Unfortunately, I did not do this. I committed a cardinal sin of digital writing and I, and you especially reading this, will suffer as a result. Consequently you are reading a second-rate review of an absolutely first class album.

Second writings never sufficiently convey the passion one feels upon first typing out the words. And I certainly felt lots of passion when I first started this. I still do.

To those who know me, it will come as no surprise that I wholeheartedly love Soviet Soviet and their first album Fate. It ticks all of my post-punk buttons; indeed, in Italy recently they have supported PiL who were at the vanguard of the post-punk movement in its original form.

It’s atmospherically cool, dark, brooding but with some emphatically uplifting moments. Opening song Ecstasy starts off with unrelenting drums from Alessandro Ferri and a driving bass line, courtesy of lead vocalist Andrea Giometti, that hits like the first rumblings of a thundercloud directly overhead. Alessandro Costantini provides a guitar hook that could cut through Jon Snow’s Wall.

1990 takes things towards a darker destination; to me it would appear that Soviet Soviet are students of The Cure of the early 1980’s and, going by the guitar hooks, The Comsat Angels. Whilst it could be argued that there is nothing new or original here, as periodically there have been post-punk revivals, what Soviet Soviet have done exceedingly well here is take influences from the original post-punk era and make it sound relevant and refreshing. There is no hint at all of anything being rehashed.

For those who appreciate a good tune and melody there is something here for you too. Gone Fast takes its cues from my own Manchester’s The Chameleons. They were never shy of a good tune that can lift you up high, and this is no different. Considering the economic situation of the world in general, and the political position Italy has found itself in of late, that something that can put a smile on your face or a spring in your step originates from there is stunning. In fact, stunning is a word I could choose from to describe the album if I was given the choice to use only one.

Gone Fast is the first of a triple whammy that helps set Fate up as one of the albums of the year. Single No Lesson and Together follow immediately and are as different as chalk and cheese and another form of calcium that isn’t used in the saying. What is consistent however is the joy I feel whenever I listen to the album or one of the tracks comes on on random.

You have six days to place your order for Fate. If you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the albums of the year. Possibly even the album of the year. But I’ll lay a fiver down on the table now that the mainstream media won’t even notice its release. A crying shame, and just like post-punk. Fucking awesome but never recognised because it doesn’t fit in.

Fate by Soviet Soviet is released on 11th November on Felte


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