Girl Band – Lawman

And so we come to the first post of 2014. We’re all back in the post-holiday scheme of getting used again to real life. You can suspend your travails, however, for around ten minutes. Six of those would be spent listening to the new single from Girl Band. Yep, their name actually is Girl Band.

Lawman is the name of the single from Dublin’s all-male foursome and it is a treat; this is because it is very hard to pigeon-hole it into one single genre. And to be honest, as it has elements of drone-rock, noise-rock and is propelled by a bassline that sounds like a horde of angry hornets, you’d be mad to try.

Released on a very limited edition of 300 vinyls, you can get one from here. You can also download their EP France 98 too. This is also a 300 limited edition, and both are available from their Bandcamp page.

Girl Band have generated a lot of noise recently, and they are definitely one to keep an eye on this year.


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