Oceanic – Nocturnal

It’s been ages since I’ve really made any effort to even check my emails. No doubt there have been some corkers I have missed. For that I apologise.

What I most certainly WILL NOT apologise is for returning with this. Oceanic is the name of a new Copenhagen based solo project from Tue Ebert, aka E Bird. As such, he qualifies as a member of the Scandinvasion.

The PR that came with the email describes Nocturnal, the lead track from the EP Rupture as “a bleak, ramshackle folk rock song about the struggle of depression, jealousy and insomnia”; with the lyric “every day we fight the rising sun” the former of the three really comes through.

Whilst it may be bleak, it’s also bloody catchy. The main riff will burrow its way into your head slowly until you notice, with a start, that you’re whistling it, and Ebert’s voice is beguiling as well.

Rupture is out on the 13th October, and I aim to review it before then. Until then, check the video below and give me your thoughts.


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