Nite Fields – Prescription

If you’re like me you’ll have a deep love of music that is slightly dark, with a post-punk edge go it; a purity of emotion that is hard to find replicated elsewhere. Be it soaring vocals or a pounding rhythm that pounds it’s way into your soul.

Australian quartet Nite Fields are the latest proponents of post-punk for the, musically speaking, vacuous times we live in. Combining jangling layered guitars that are propelled forwards by a relentless beat and bass Prescription is the first track to be given an unveiling before the release of its parent album Depersonalisation, which will be released by Felte on the second of February.

Lyrically, Prescription follows the theme of the album (more at a later date) with its it’s chorus a pleading for love to be kept alive at any cost:

Everything you wanted I can be
Anything you asked for ask of me

I’ll be posting about the album sometime soon, so until then I implore you to give this one hell of a listen.


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