Nite Fields – Depersonalisation

Nite Fields have created a post-punk inspired masterpiece for the 21st Century. Depersonalisation, their début album, is a dark and doom laden collection of songs,. However don’t let that put you off listening to it. It’s not a drag to listen to in the slightest; musically speaking there are layers that only become apparent after numerous listens, and the reward you get for persistence is a wonderful and complex record.

Opening track Depersonalised is an electronic instrumental, full of swirling synths that set an intriguing scene – is it totally electronic, is really dark, is there any lightness to it are questions that you’ll ask yourself.

To answer those:

  • No
  • In places
  • Read on!

The first ‘proper’ track is Fill The Void which is a slow tempo number full of wanting. Featuring toned down, but harsh synthesised beats in the background, the atmospherics are added to by a shimmering and swirling electronic blanket that snuggles and coddles the hypnotic bass and repetitive guitar riff. The vocals of lead singer Danny Venzin are the focal point of Chris Champion, Liza Harvey and Michael Whitney throughout the entirety of the album.

Things are sped up for You I Never Knew which, going by the title is one of the songs that features the recurring theme of the gradual decline of love. Once again the vocals of Venzin are delivered in a deadpan manner, confident though contemplative. Further into the song comes one of the chinks of light that are featured with irregularity. It adds a change of feel for the song, and breaks up the feel of blackness. The bass and jangly guitars achieve this without it feeling shoehorned in.

Come Down comes next and is a thumping number with pounding drums and harsh and discordant guitar picking. You’ll find it a relentless listen that drives with persistence into your brain.

For me, the undoubted highlight of the album is Prescription, which I blogged about previously. Thematically it’s redolent with lost love, musically it’s ice cold with only a hint of heat at the chorus – only a heat that burns, but doesn’t warm. As the song reaches its coda there can be no escaping the dark beauty of this utterly stunning track.

At only nine tracks in length it’s not epic in terms of duration, but it’s dark atmospherics makes it, in a positive manner, twice as long,

Depersonalisation by Nite Fields will be released on Felte on February 2nd.


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