Sandra Kolstad – Zero Gravity State of Mind

Berlin-based Norwegian pop star Sandra Kolstad has returned to grace us with the follow-up to 2012’s (Nothing Lasts) Forever. Entitled Zero Gravity State of Mind, and featuring everything from classical piano ballads to electro stompers, it shows progression, confidence, and the maturity of an artist who knows exactly what music she wants to make.

The title of the album suggests a scientific, even fantastical, atmosphere, and this is firmly delivered in the first song, Ice Age. Starting off as a piano driven ballad the beeps and whirs are a prelude to the bombast of the bass that powers the song into overdrive.

My Yellow Heart follows and is a perky affair which showcases her perfect pop instincts. Its’ chorus is one of the catchiest things I’ve heard in a while, and I can promise you that you’ll be caught by friends, family and colleagues singing it aloud.

The album’s title track is unsurprisingly one of the tracks with a heavy extraterrestrial feel to it. Comparisons with Bowie are not to be sniffed at here at all, as she combines the out of this world with another slice of alt-pop perfection.

For me, one of the strongest tracks on here is Benjamin – or at least a heavy favourite. A distorted, driving bass combined with a drum track that pounds away in the background makes this a club-classic in the making. No, i never thought I’d type that ever!

I like this record a lot, and as Miss Kolstad was the first person I reviewed here it’s also pleasing to have my first artist I’ve reviewed successive albums for. Don’t let that sway you, let the next video do that for you!

Zero Gravity State of Mind by Sandra Kolstad is out now on Red Eye Transit


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