Broken Hands – Death Grip

Through lack of time and listening to Five Live and Radio 4, tiredness and a lack of connection with a lot of music I’ve been receiving I haven’t blogged for a while properly. Whether this malaise is down to work I don’t know. But at work today something made me stop what I was doing and concentrate properly on what was coming into my ears.

Enter Broken Hands and their latest single Death Grip.

It grabs you by the metaphoricals in an urgent, but not intrusive way. Singer Dale Norton’s vocals are strong, powerful and engaging. Range wise he soars and has tinges of James Mudriczki, formerly of Failsworth underdogs Puressence. Musically, the band showcase a fuzzy rock sound which gets your head going. Throughout the song is a wonderful riff of morse code-like guitars that almost subliminally gets the message “listen to me over and over again” into your cerebral cortex. Suffice to say the message got through to me. You can check the video out below.


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