Advaeta – Death & The Internet

Striking a clarion call for all things female are Brooklyn’s Advaeta, with their really rather good album Death & The Internet

Post-punk influenced, it as at times a dark afair; opening number Angelfish begins with a slow tempo bass that picks up pace and is then joined by ferociously pounded drums and an ethereal guitar layered over the top. One thing that strikes you immediately when the vocals kick in is that collectively, harmonically, ADVAETA have brought something new to the game.

The stage set by this, Church Cult comes next with a sense of urgency matched by its otherwordly guitar and the clarity of voice.

Noise-rock is also an influence and this comes through on tracks such as Come With Me and Hazel Blue Eyes, both of which again feature fantastic harmnoic vocals that stand apart from the music. The latter of the two jumps from a repeated bass riff to a less structured refrain part-way through that stirs the soul.

Lani Combier-Kapel (drums and vocals), Amanda Salane (guitar and vocals) and Sara Fantry (guitars and vocals) are the ladies in question, and you’d be well advised to give them a listen.


At present there appear to be no planned tour dates in their native America, but if that changes I’ll be sure to let you know.

Death & The Internet by ADVAETA will be released on Fire Talk records on the 28th April.


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