Kelpe – The Curved Line

Sometimes a record just fits the time of year. The Curved Line by Kelpe happens to be one of them. As the nights begin drawing in, the weather becomes slightly more inclement, and a sense of introspection falls upon you, you’d be doing yourself a favour by getting this album.

Opener Doubles of Everything is an atmospheric track with effect-laden pianos and keys joined with minimalist hip-hop bass drum beats. As it progresses, layer upon layer of texture and tones are added, culminating in a cut you can watch the rain pour down to.

Chirpsichord swiftly follows, and the electronic mixture continues, but with a more flighty feel to it. Mellower in timbre, but with a floaty ambience you can’t help but feel like you’re up in the sky like a cloud, flowing across the world and experiencing and contributing to all the weather conditions the world has to offer. From being a solitary cloud upon a blue sky to a tremulous thundercloud caught in a maelstrom, it’s a hell of a ride.

There are points within The Curved Line where a sense of experimentation is more prevalent than not; Sick Lickle Thing with its percussive features, and Valerian by its effects and beats both stand out as exponents of dipping your toes in the water.

One last standout track is Canjealous with some fantastic live drumming, which adds yet another layer of brilliance to the whole album.

What I like here is that there is no sense of repetition nor of running out of ideas. It’s a cleverly crafted, well thought out and technically impressive piece of work. It’s well worth an investigation, and it is well worth an investment too.

The Curved Line by Kelpe was released on the 28th of August on most major outlets, with the vinyl to follow shortly.


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