Who Sent You – Broken Hands

They may be Southern, but by God can Broken Hands make a cracking tune. Following on from Death Grip (which I did post about) and Meteor (which I didn’t – apologies boys), Who Sent You is the next single to be released from their forthcoming debut album Turbulence.

As with each single so far, the science fiction theme is prevalent throughout but with some darker moments interposed.

Dale Norton, lead singer of the band says of the track:

“’Who Sent You’ describes the moment when paranoia takes over from fun experiences and the strange other worldly voice enters your thoughts. You start to question your own trajectory; even asking your friends “is everything okay here?” as if they are passengers. Who invited this person into my head? Have they got control of this journey or me? Am I going to crash?”

Who Sent You is released on the 2nd of October, with Turbulence exactly a week later.


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