\\GT// – Beats Misplaced

Whether it is meant as an ironic title I cannot say; suffice it to say that there are no Beats Misplaced here in \\GT//‘s album.

Psych Rock has been a genre primarily grown from American bands, drawing influences from the psychedelic, rock, and alternative genres, and it is indeed growing from strength to strength. Looking back, this could be seen as not only a seminal album destined for cultists and die-hands, but new fans due to its accessibility.

Opening track Growing Together is a stocker. The obligatory psych fuzz is present which immediately marks out its place. You’ll think it’s an instrumental at first with the drums and bass propelling it along at a steady beat. The guitars layered over will bring an ear worm to your brain. Following the breakdown the song changes tack, with the vocals coming in strong and the tune following the end of the first phase.

Unlike other exponents of the genre I have encountered, \\GT// eschew the end of the musical spectrum that the blues finds itself. This is especially present on the title track; the background whoo-hoo-hoos adding a feel of surf-pop into the mix.

Something’s Wrong With My Mind takes the band down the darker alleys. Frenetic, menacing and frightening it explores paranoia, and the mood is darkened by the drone of the guitars provided by Scotty Lee, who is also the bands’ vocalist.

With Rails, the darkness is further expounded upon, and the video is striking for its use of black and white filmography, and the use of pencil lines on various objects, and the drawing of flying birds.

\\GT// – "Rails" – Official Video from Communicating Vessels on Vimeo.

Things take a turn towards the brighter but languid with Heavy Dreams, which allows the songwriting talents of Lee, Byron Sonnier and Mark Beasley (bass and drums respectively) to come to the fore. The melody provided by Sonnier throughout will leave you humming it for the rest of the day.

All in all I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to branch out of their comfort zone, and certainly to fans of the genre.

Beats Misplaced by \\GT// will be released on the 16th of October on Communicating Vessels.


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