Slow Riot – Cathedral EP

Following on from the release of Demons as the lead single, Slow Riot are set to release the full EP Cathedral this Friday.

At four songs in length it is the ideal way for the Irish three-piece to announce themselves to the world at large, whilst maintaining an air of mystery that becomes their music.

The first thing that hits you is the atmosphere that they are able to create. Full of dark and brooding tones they take you on to the long dark tea-time of the soul where weariness is ever present.

Demons is a case in point, almost a document of a life lost in the attempt to become part of someone else’s. It is a slow burn, with skilful and artistic layering of instruments and keys building up to a crescendo – or maybe even a catharsis.

Next up is City of Culture which turns the tempo right up. Gone is the melancholia, the hole of which is filled by a fury present straight from the off.

Powered on by a thumping beat and a driving bass, the guitar licks over these are what power the song into top gear.

Adele is the third of four tracks, and the abrupt end is as sudden as the start is mellow. From such inauspicious beginnings you don’t expect it to go as dark as it does. The dramatic and abrupt end is almost murderous; as soon as the singing stops the fury takes over, dark and menacing.

And then it’s gone.

Ending the EP is Cooper’s Dream, which has none of the frenetic energy of the the preceding two songs. What remains is the darkness (have I mentioned that yet?) which is all pervasive. The melody of the bass will pierce your heart, the gentle rolling of the drums will lure you in, and the tickled guitar riff will strike you down if you aren’t careful.

It’s safe to say that Niall Clancy (Bass/Vocals), Aaron Duff (Guitars) and Paul Cosgrave (Drums) have created a peach of an EP that is, to carry on the theme of the band and the review, is a harbinger of things to come.

The dark never seemed so alluring!

Cathedral by Slow Riot is released on Straight Lines are Fine on the 23rd of October.


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