Saint Sister – Madrid E.P.

After coming together in 2014, the duo of Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre, Saint Sister have released their first E.P., Madrid.

Sharing a love and appreciation of their native Ireland’s folk tradition, the four songs which make up this first collection are beautifully arranged with beautiful vocals and harmonies. Combined with instruments from the modern age, you are left with a modern interpretation of folk.

At times beguiling but always enthralling, these tracks are perfect to relax, ruminate, or any other ‘R’ you care to think of.

Opening track Madrid brings to mind a bubbling river, courtesy of the understated harps. One of the more modern tracks here, it is no less glorious folk song.

Castles is mellow and mellifluous, a love song for the enchanted. It’s really a sweet little song and it’s the kind you want to fall asleep to, dreaming of your beloved when they aren’t there.

The third track, Blood Moon, has a neat little groove that’s provided by the rhythmic percussion that has a touch of fantasy about it – the kind that has wide expanses of green grass and an intrepid band of heroes and adventurers.

Lastly we have Versions of Hate, which isn’t as dark as the title suggests. As ever, the harmonies of Saint Sister are present; the best kinds, in my opinion, are similar but not the same, complimenting with their differences. Doherty and MacIntyre have this in spades.

If you’re lucky and you have got the E.P. when it actually came out, good on you. If you haven’t yet got it, head over to their Bandcamp and order it. If not, stream it above or find it on Soundcloud. You’ll not be disappointed!


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