Get Your Gun – The Worrying Kind

Hailing from Denmark’s second city of Aalborg come Get Your Gun with brothers Andreas and Simon Westmark making the core of the group.

Their debut album The Worrying Kind is a travel into the dark parts of life, lyrically and musically. They describe their sound as having come from a small place – that they’d be playing faster if they had come from a city.

This small-town intensity is evident throughout, with their sound to my ears being a combination of doom rock and dark blues with a groove that is as unexpected as it is undeniable. The riffs are huge, the drums are dolorous, the singing visceral.

Opening track Black Book has a hypnotic feel that can give you chills and a trance all at the same time. The use of the eastern scale gives you an ideal of how skilled they are, but also that they aren’t afraid to travel the gamut of the musical bandwidth to get the sound to match their lyrics.

The title track is over 8 minutes long of shear desperation. Listen carefully to the lyrics and you’ll come across fear, loss, emptiness and an overall sense of desolation. But not once is it overwhelming; the band do a great job of expression here.

It’s hard to be fully objective here. Once I’d gotten over the mistake of attempting to listen to it in bed (note to you all – don’t! It ain’t that kind of album), it has firmly become a heavy rotator.

Simply put, it’s an awesome album that reveals more and more about the human condition and the struggle it is to live. It’s not an easy album to listen to, but it is certainly rewarding.

The Worrying Kind by Get Your Gun is out now. The video for The Worrying Kind was found on YouTube and is from a Here Today session. If they wish me to remove it, I’ll gladly do so.
Check their website out here.


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