Morning Smoke – Soft Decay/How Does It Feel

I’ll admit that listening to these two, having come across a slightly late email (or to be more accurate, me being late coming across the email) I did feel a little bit of a bugger for it.

Hard riffs with melody and groove? Check.

Released on a tape rather than anything else? Check.

Bookmarking so I can listen again? Check.

Morning Smoke have released their third single Soft Decay/How Does It Feel as a double a-side.

When you play either one you get the impression that it’s going to be all raw and shouty, more spunky than accomplished; all trouser and no substance.

What emerges from the veil of distortion are two cracking tracks that grab you by the unmentionables and don’t let go until long after they’ve ended. The lasting impression, and the immediate impact, is of disaffection and anger, of utility and defiance.

As well as the aforementioned tape, you can stream the tracks on Soundcloud and Spotify. The single was released on the 4th of December on Cannibal Hymns.


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