Murals – Watching In The Dark

If you like your music slightly trippy, or if you live your life in a dream-like haze then Louisville’s psych pop trip Murals will be right up your street.

Previewed ahead of their second album Violet City Lantern, Watching In The Dark takes you on a meander down a lazy river. Adding reverb to delicate guitar licks elevates the track to another level, with the same treatment being given to the vocals is an audio dream come true.

There are a couple of changes in the tempo that add to the illusion that you’re in the dreams of someone lying on a sunny hillside in a country park somewhere. Basically, it takes you to a lovely place, perhaps the same place we all dream of being at some point of our lives.

If the rest of the album’s like this, then we have a contender for an album of the year!

If you like sneak peaks, then give Long Bridge a listen too. It was released around a month ago.

Violet City Lantern is out on the 19th of February on Fire Talk Records, and is available for pre-order.


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