Old Sea Brigade – Old Sea Brigade E.P.

Sometimes you need a bit of uplifting. Whether you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, you just need an early night, or something else. Straightaway I can say that Old Sea Brigade’s self-titled E.P. is the audio equivalent of someone giving you a nice cup of tea, slipping their arm around you and saying that it’s all going to be ok.

At five songs in length Ben Cramer (for it is he who is the admiral of Old Sea Brigade) crams in more warmth and affection that most would struggle to stretch over a lifetime of recordings.

Opening with Love Brought Weight, there is a timeless feel that is there from the off. Even with being a mere pup of 24, you can tell that Cramer has felt things.

Second on the E.P. is my own personal favourite Better Days. Whilst its lyrical content may not be the lightest, and one could argue that it’s a world weary number, there’s a positive atmosphere that lifts it above and beyond a troubadour telling his story. The chorus’ opening line of “I’ve seen better days you know, take it slow, take it slow, take it slow” could be taken as cautionary to going too fast, or that things will better.

The rest of the songs carry on in the same vein, but without a drag in sight. Cramer’s songwriting is intelligent, touching and personal – no doubt to himself, but to you as the listener. Cramer has created songs that speak to differing parts of our own lives, allow us to reflect and realise that, like him, it’s good to move on.

If you can’t track the E.P. down, which was released on your usual digital outlets, then bookmark the Soundcloud streaming page, book yourself a ticket when he comes round your way (his page is here) and be thankful you found him.


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