Manatee Commune – Thistle E.P.

For something that’s a little different, with quirks galore, then the latest E.P. from Manatee Commune will be right up your street. Thistle is six tracks of electronic beats and layers that, as well as prefacing a nationwide tour (admittedly, in America) it’s also a fantastic preface to Spring and Summer.

Known to his mother as Grant Eadie, Manatee Commune has crafted a collection of shiny, shimmering tracks you can sway, bob and chill out to. Opener Brick Orange‘s use of strings against a digital background lead to a crescendo of effect-driven riffs. Centrepiece of the E.P. is Clay, featuring the vocal talents of Marina Price. Smoky vocals ensure an unforgettable song.

A further collaboration with Maiah Manser on Contain You helps to close the E.P.

The Thistle E.P. by Manatee Commune was released on Bastard Jazz on the 26th of February.


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